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Welcome Home Rewards*

Home Values 


Welcome Home 


$75.000 to 124,999 $250
$125,000 to 174,999 $500
$175,000 to 224,999 $750
$225,000 to 274,999 $1,000
$275,000 to 324,999 $1,250
$325,000 to 374,999 $1,500
$425,000 to 474,999 $1,750
$475,000 to 524,999 $2,000
$525,000 to 574,999 $2,250
$575,000 to 624,999 $2,500
$625,000 to 674,999 $2,750
$675,000 to 724,999 $3,000
$725,000 to 774,999 $3,250
$775,000 to 824,999 $3,500
$825,000 to 874,999 $4,000
$875,000 to 924,999 $4,500
$925,000 & UP! $5,000

How Does It Work?*

1)  Simply sign up to work with a participating EXIT UPSTATE Realtor.

2)  Set the criteria for your home search. i.e. price range, location, number of bedrooms & baths, square footage, garage, # of stories, acreage, schools, amenities, lifestyle, etc. We’ll print a list of the homes for your review.  

3)  Get pre-approved with a mortgage lender of your choice. This way, you'll know how much home you can afford and what your monthly payments will be in advance. In addition, any offer you make will be enhanced by the fact that you are already pre-approved to buy!   

4)  Pre-view the available homes that are of interest to you by driving by and assessing the property and decide which ones you'd like to see.

5)  When your ready to see a home or homes, simply give us a call and we'll take care of the rest. Your EXIT Realtor will set up an appointment to show you the homes you want to see and we'll continue to show you homes until you've found your dream home.

6)  From there, we'll represent and guide you throughout the entire buying process. From contract to close.


At EXIT UPSTATE, we are definitely not here to "SELL" you a home! We understand that buying a home is a major step and our only objective is to help you find the home that's right for you. More importantly, we want you to feel as comfortable with the entire process as possible. 


We encourage you to take as much time you need and see as many homes as you'd like; as often as you'd like, before making your new home buying decision. When you're ready, we're ready to help.

 All The Help You Need 


Stay In Control Of The Market See everything you want to see, not just the ones an agent chooses to show you. 


Keep Up To Date Sign onto and you can receive automatic E-mails as soon as any new home matching your criteria hits the market and it's FREE. In addition, we'll notify you when a home you’ve selected has experienced a change in the market such as a reduced price or contract status.


Pre-View The Homes You Like With addresses, directions and maps, you can easily drive by any home on the market and decide which ones you'd like to see. Being able to know where the homes are and pre-viewing them at your leisure makes the entire process more enjoyable. In addition, since we spend less hours looking at homes that are of no interest to you, we save loads of valuable time and when we save, you save too with our Welcome Home Rewards*.


Once you’ve selected the home or homes you want to see on the inside, we’ll schedule an appointment and show them to you. Furthermore, we'll continue to keep showing you homes until you've found the home of your dreams!


Protecting Your Interest Your Exit Realtor® is here to help you make a wise home buying decision. We can help you with questions like; value and pricing, schools, churches, roads, shopping, etc. We'll even help you think about all those factors that ad or detract from a homes value.   


Working For You Your Exit Realtor® will represent you throughout the entire process. Writing the purchase contract, negotiating in your best interest, mortgage financing, home inspections and repairs, home warranties, homeowners insurance, final inspections, closing preparation and attending closing.


New Homes We can help you purchase ANY new home on the market or to be built including: MDC, Ryland, Ryan, DR Horton (Torrey), Poinset Homes, Seppala, Lennar, Tower Homes, Lazarus-Shouse, AHO Homes, Custom Builders, etc. 


Best of all, our Welcome Home Rewards apply to all new homes too. Use the savings for decorating, appliances, landscaping, furniture, what ever you choose.


For Sale By Owner No matter if it's listed with a Realtor® or not, we can help you buy the home while protecting your interest. 


Real Estate Experts At Your Service We provide exceptional service and value-added assistance exclusively for Realty Source clients. Move through the entire process with our dedicated team of experienced Realtors® at your disposal.


Save Money Your Exit Upstate Realtor® will not only help you negotiate the best possible price and terms, but we'll also give you a VISA Gift Card worth up to $5,000 * as our Thank-You for buying a home with EXIT.. See the chart below: 

 * Subject to the terms and conditions of the EXIT "Welcome Home" Promotion Click Here For Details


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