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Residual income occurs when you do something one time and get paid for your efforts repeatedly. For example, the insurance industry rewards its agents by selling a policy once, then paying them residually every time the policy renews. Another great example is the music industry; musicians record the song once in the studio and receive payment residually every time the record is played.

At Exit, Agents create a residual income stream simply by helping management in the recruiting process. Each sales representative that they introduce or sponsor into the corporation means more money for them. Sponsoring is an assistance program for management in the recruitment process and is paid residually for as long as the agent stays within the EXIT SYSTEM anywhere in North America and generates business.

  Exit  IS NOT "Multi-Level Marketing" or "Profit Sharing"!  

EXIT is strictly a one-level sponsoring bonus and it's unlimited in potential. EXIT associates can sponsor new and experienced salespeople into the system anywhere there is an Exit office in North America! 

When you do sponsor an Agent into Exit, you'll receive an amount equal to 10% of the gross sales commission of the new recruits as your reward for helping us to grow the company. 

More importantly, the sponsoring bonus is paid directly to you by EXIT INTERNATIONAL and this takes place within 2 weeks after the closing of each transaction. 

Best of all, you can sponsor as many Agents as you wish into the system. In this way, you can tap into the energies of others and create financial leverage through the production of others!



     10% Sponsoring Bonus     

As an example, a that "grosses" $70,000 a year would generate a $7,000 residual bonus to the sponsoring agent. If this continued over 20 years at the same rate, then sponsoring associate would receive $140,000 in bonuses just from sponsoring in one agent! 

All of this has been approved through all the governing bodies at the state level, right across the country. More importantly, these bonuses are not based on individual profitability or the profitability of the company! 

Best of all, as soon as the every deal closes, the sponsor receives their bonus within 2 weeks directly from EXIT Realty Corp. International.

     7% Retirement Bonus     

Should the sponsor retire, then all the 10% bonuses that were being paid residually to that person, reduce to 7%, similar to a pension plan. 

The remaining 3% is paid to the broker where the sponsor’s license resides. From this point forward, amounts equivalent to 7% of the gross production of ALL of the recruits sponsored in by this individual are received on closing as before. This continues for as long as the recruits stay within the EXIT system anywhere in North America and generate business.

     5% Beneficiary Bonus      

In addition to the 10% full-time bonus and the 7% retirement bonus, another residual or perpetual benefit has been added. This is the 5% beneficiary benefit bonus that is paid out should the sponsor become deceased for whatever reason. 

The sponsor’s pre-chosen beneficiary receives an amount equivalent to 5% of the gross production of all those he or she previously sponsored into EXIT. This system that we teach in is a step-by-step program for managing continues as long as the recruits stay with EXIT and generate business. What a boon to the family!

What a powerful solution to an overwhelming problem 

that looms over everyone in this business! 

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