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Program Description -- Incentives for EXIT Upstate’s Welcome Home Program are available to EXIT Upstate Realty clients and customers who use an EXIT Upstate Realtorâ to buy their home. Incentives will be paid in the form of a Gift Card from Visa and delivered after closing to the extent permitted by applicable law.

Qualification -- Customers must sign up as a buyer-client with a participating EXIT Upstate Realtor or purchase a qualifying EXIT Upstate listed home as a buyer customer with an EXIT Upstate Realtor. Buyers must sign up for the Welcome Home Program either before looking at homes with an EXIT Realtor or within 72 hours. These offers may not be combined with any other offer made by EXIT Upstate Realty or any of its partners or affiliates.

Estimated Incentives -- For a qualifying $75,000 purchase or sale, the incentive is $250. For every $50,000 the price of the purchase or sale increases above $75,000, the incentive will increase an additional $250. There is no incentive offered for home purchases or sales less than $75,000. These estimated incentives are based on a minimum 3% real estate commission paid to selling broker (Exit Upstate Realty). If the actual commission is lower, the incentive will reflect a similar adjustment. Incentives will be paid in the form of a VISA Gift Card to the extent permitted by applicable law. The estimated incentives for a range of transaction values are shown below.  

Home Values 


Welcome Home 


$75.000 to 124,999 $250
$125,000 to 174,999 $500
$175,000 to 224,999 $750
$225,000 to 274,999 $1,000
$275,000 to 324,999 $1,250
$325,000 to 374,999 $1,500
$425,000 to 474,999 $1,750
$475,000 to 524,999 $2,000
$525,000 to 574,999 $2,250
$575,000 to 624,999 $2,500
$625,000 to 674,999 $2,750
$675,000 to 724,999 $3,000
$725,000 to 774,999 $3,250
$775,000 to 824,999 $3,500
$825,000 to 874,999 $4,000
$875,000 to 924,999 $4,500
$925,000 & UP! $5,000

Limitations due to State and Federal Law -- The incentive offer is available in South Carolina.

The incentive may not be permitted in connection with certain loan programs for the buyer/borrower. These include, but are not limited to, FHA and VA loans. Please consult your lender regarding whether or not you can collect the incentive in connection with your loan.

Requesting Incentive

At closing on your real estate transaction with your EXIT Upstate Realtor, you will be presented with a Rebate Gift Card form. Simply return it to your EXIT Upstate Realtor or mail it to our office within 30 days of closing. Please fill out the voucher including your new mailing address, your Agent's name to: EXIT Upstate Realty, LLC, Attn: Welcome Home Department, 2320 E. North Street – Suite DD - Greenville, SC 29607

EXIT Upstate Realty will process your request upon receipt of the HUD-1 evidencing the closing of a qualifying transaction. EXIT Upstate Realty will send your VISA Gift Card from to qualifying customers within approximately 2 weeks of closing. Please contact EXIT Upstate Realty at 864-235-0209 with questions.

Redeeming VISA Gift Cards -- Gift Cards are redeemable anywhere VISA Debit Cards are accepted nationwide.


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